An Epic Adventure Sailing across the Atlantic - Part 3

The waves are getting bigger. The wind is increasing. We have been waiting for the storm to move closer to us. It may sound crazy but as I was told, we will ride the storm on the side of it, where there are strong winds, but still safe. The boat is rolling way more than we've ever seen. The waves look like mountains of water and they all move towards us until they move ahead of us. The force of the ocean is moving this 20 tons of a boat like it is a piece of popcorn. 

Antarctica. Two+ months living the dream. PART 1

If I would have to pick my favorite place on earth, without hesitation, Antarctica is by far my favorite place in the world. Wildlife at its finest and the best mountains I’ve ever seen. 

I have been coming to Antarctica for the last 5 years, guiding multi-day trekking leadership expeditions, then as a climber, then as a mountain guide and now also as a photographer. Lucky me, to have the chance to do what I love the most here. For Sarah, it’s her first time working on a ship. She came to Antarctica before while she was managing Leadership Expeditions, now she joins the expedition cruise this season as a Quality Manager and an expedition guide. 

The generation of the brave ones.

The world nowadays, chaotic or however it may seem is changing and believe it or not, it's changing for the better. It may be difficult for many people to see.
For a few, this positive change is a possibility and a huge hope, but for the generation of the brave ones it is a matter of fact.

This is a generation who has chosen a different lifestyle and has learned to break free from the bonds of fear to uncertainty. These people freed themselves from the fear of living life for real. 

Torres del Paine National Park. Patagonia, Chile

Trekking Torres del Paine. Patagonia, Chile.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia.

After so many years walking trough Patagonia... I decided to write a bit about it and to share some photos from what you may see if you decide to do the trekking around the Paine Massif. On February 1st 2016 I went to Torres del Paine National Park with two friends from Australia. Kim and Stephen.
In this Beautiful National Park there are two very famous trails that became one of the most famous treks in the world. "The W" trek, which takes about 68 kilometers in 4 days and "El Circuito" or "The O" which takes about 140 kilometers (distance measured with 2 differet GPS). 

We had the most amazing weather I have ever had in 9 years of guiding in Patagonia. Perfect sunny days, very few clouds (just the perfect amount for good fotos), no rain at all, and the most impressive, no wind until the last day. 

A week in Carretera Austral. Northern Patagonia, Chile.

So many people is traveling to Chile nowadays and of course they are. Chile has so much to offer. From the driest desert in the world to the famous Patagonia. Now, what mayority of people is visiting is the most famous part of the country. Atacama desert in the north. Santiago, Valparaiso and Easter island in the central area. The lake district. Torres del Paine in Patagonia. But there is so, so much more… Elqui valley, Chillan, Araucania, Chiloe island, Carretera austral and so on…

The photos I am sharing now are from a small section of Carretera Austral in the northern Patagonia. A place where tourism has help significantly and local communities have had a chance to develop their own businesses and share the patagonian culture.

A few days climbing Seneca Rock

A few weeks ago my best friend, Mati and I, went to West Virginia for the weekend to climb Seneca Rock.  This place is well know for multi-pitch trad climbs and its stiff old-school ratings. The rock looks beautiful from wherever you look at it and it feels even better while you're climbing on it. This rock is formed from Tuscarora quartzite and it feels a lot like sandstone.

This was my first time there

A few days in Maui, Hawaii.

Mountains and lakes or beaches and palm trees? What would you choose?
For the ones that know me… I love mountains, glaciers and granite walls but I also love turquoise beaches and deep oceans to scuba dive or snorkel or just go for a swim. Now, if I have to take only one, I would choose mountains and lakes.